A logo as a PR & branding tool?

Brenda 09 Aug. 2022, 11:42
A logo as a PR & branding tool?

Logo design is an integral part of your brand and therefore your PR. How many logos do you know the name of without having the brand name integrated into the logo?

A logo is a business card of your company, website or app. A strong logo is important for your PR and one of the most important parts of your branding. 

But why is a logo so important?

It's all about the first impression; if you come across a new site, the first thing you see is the logo. It has to reflect what your company or website wants to stand for. If the logo does not evoke confidence and trust, it will reflect on the rest of your products and even your entire company. A good logo is so important for your overall PR that it's best to hire a professional designer for this. If you send out a press release with your company logo on it, that logo is the first thing a journalist will see. If the logo doesn't appeal to them, they might not even click on your article and therefore not read your press release.

A good logo appeals, it must inspire, evoke confidence, inform and must create interest in your customers and visitors. If your logo does not generate interest there is no second chance. The visitor will then most likely click somewhere else.

Provide distinction

Your new website or app is unique, so make sure your logo is unique too. Distinguish yourself from the competition with your logo and show why you're different. You can achieve this by using a different color scheme, a certain font and of course the right icon. Dare to be different, dare to think differently!

PR, branding and brand loyalty

As said, a good logo sticks. A logo is of course only a small part of your company, but it is for a customer the most recognizable part, the face of your company as it were. If a customer or visitor encounters your logo in different places (online) he will recognize it, which creates trust in your brand. 

If someone searches for a product through a search engine like Google or Bing, chances are that someone clicks on your link if he recognizes your logo. This is called brand loyalty, something you know naturally feels more trustworthy than something unknown or new.

As mentioned in our other articles, we encourage sending out multiple press releases with images. If you include your logo in these, it will automatically be published on other websites which is obviously good for your branding.

Looking for a good logo for your company, website or app? Then contact our graphic design department. Even if you already have an idea, but not the ability to work it out professionally we are happy to help you!

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