Can I add an image to a press release?

Paul Knight 08 Aug. 2022, 14:48
Can I add an image to a press release?

Did you know that when looking at a news overview most people look at a picture first and only then read the headline?

In that split second you can persuade a reader to click on your link and therefore to see and read your press release. With this article we want to show you that a visual in a press release is a great PR tactic. On this page we will explain to you what to do.

How to incorporate visuals into your press releases

There's a reason why communication in real life relies mostly on visuals. A red traffic light, a stop sign or that advertising brochure full of pictures. Images grab attention much faster than any text. Why should a press release or public relations message be any different?

In other words, if you really want your message to get noticed, you need to support it with relevant images and for example your company logo. A press release without a photo will stand out less and is less likely to be even opened.

Pay attention: which images and the amount of images

So while it's wise to include images in your press release, don't get carried away and turn it into a photo release.

Consider how the images fit with what you are writing about. If you're writing a press release about something visual, such as the release of a new electric bike, you'll want to include lots of high-quality, eye-catching photos that journalists can get excited about.

If photos are not essential to your press release, limit the number of photos to one where you don't drown out your text. It's about quality, not quantity. Once someone has opened your post, you don't want to scare them off with too many meaningless photos. 

If you don't have photos to attach to your post, at least upload your company or website logo. A journalist can then use this logo in an article. Preferably do not use a (generic) photo from a photo stock site with a press release.

As mentioned above, a press release is less likely to be opened if there is no image.

Pay attention to the copyright of your images

Never, never just use an image that you found somewhere on the Internet or that you found through a search engine like Google. In general, every image is subject to copyright. So if you use the image without the permission of the owner, he can sue you and that can get very expensive. Of course, this is also never good for your PR.

So always use your own images, images that the owner allows you to use or buy suitable images from a photo stock agency.

Also make sure that these images can be reused by the journalist or media outlet, so they can legally post it again.

Do not attach images in an email

Remember that you should avoid attachments as much as possible. This means that you should not send emails with attached images or videos (especially large files). Many companies don't accept attachments because it can clog up the journalist's email box. Imagine a journalist gets hundreds of messages a day, and each one contains several large files. This clogs the computer, email program or email service.

But what if you still want to include those high quality photos of, say, your new product? Of course, there are ways to still do this. Add in the text some small pictures, and under the message you can place a link with a message like "download high resolution pictures via the following url ...".

But of course you can also use press release distribution software like Amaxwire. We will automatically create some versions of your uploaded photos, taking a lot of worries out of your hands. A small image will be published as a thumbnail in a news overview and a higher resolution image will remain available if the journalist needs it.

So always use an image with your press release

At the very least, you should always include a high-res image of your logo in your press release. If possible, include relevant and high-quality images that grab attention and add value to the message you want to share.

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