Create a free press release distribution account

Create a free press release distribution account
Paul Knight 04 Aug. 2022, 11:22

You can sign up with Amaxwire for a business account for free and create a newsroom for your business. You can try out Amaxwire to see how it works. A newsroom is the first step in getting your business noticed online.

Successful entrepreneurs use press releases as an inexpensive way to grow their brand, get more visitors to their website and ultimately make more money. Tell the world that you have a new product, are hosting an event or have invented something new. Journalists and media websites are constantly looking for news, with a press release you can let them know you have news.

Amaxwire is risk free

An Amaxwire account is risk free. We have no unclear contracts, you only pay for what you want. Check out our distribution rates chart to get an idea of what we offer.

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