Cryptocurrency or blockchain press release submission | Crypto PR

Paul Knight 05 Aug. 2022, 11:57
Cryptocurrency or blockchain press release submission | Crypto PR

Amaxwire strongly believes in decentralized tech solutions. If you have a company, startup or blockchain related idea, and want to publish a press release including links and images about it, you are welcome at Amaxwire.  

How do you reach a target audience interested in blockchain? If you release a press release through Amaxwire it is available to everyone in the media such as journalists, influencers and media websites. Also, press releases on Amaxwire are pushed through to our own news websites. For example, we also have some "crypto only" news sites that allow you to advertise your product or service to the crypto community with your press release to reach massive potential customers.

Standing out among the many blockchain projects

Sending a press release through Amaxwire makes you stand out among the many blockchain companies and projects. And we offer several tools to boost your brand awareness and reputation by making sure your crypto press release catches the attention of the right audience.
Crypto and Blockchain related press releases are not accepted everywhere. But Amaxwire strongly believes in this technology, that's why submitting a press release is no problem at all, but your press release does need to meet our editorial guidelines.

Press release for a Blockchain project

Blockchain continues to be a booming market and is gaining traction as it strives to reach more and more people. Only, reaching those people for new and smaller projects is not easy. Even with a blockchain project with a great "real world use case", reaching those people who might be interested in it is not easy.

Sending out a press release is a simple and inexpensive way to get the word out about your project. And with Amaxwire, your press release with your links to your project will be redistributed on various websites, which, in the end, is always good for your SEO.

Multiple press releases

It sounds like a sales pitch of course, but for best results it's best to send out multiple press releases within a certain time frame. Not only to increase your brand awareness, if someone hears about a project more often, it sticks better. But also because a journalist gets hundreds, if not thousands of releases a day. Sometimes they just don't have time to read your press release. If you then send out several messages over a period of time, there is a greater chance that your message will be read.

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