Send press releases in multiple languages?

Paul Knight 26 Aug. 2022, 14:39
Send press releases in multiple languages?

A press release is a quick and inexpensive (or even free) way to bring attention to your news or product. A press release is a way to bring your news or public relations message to the attention of journalists. There are several reasons to send out a press release, but the main goal will be to generate "free publicity.

If a journalist uses your article and turns it into an article for their news website, newspaper or even (regional) TV, you don't have to pay the publisher. Such a news article for your company, event or website is of course great publicity. Not only will it make your brand better known, but a news article always generates more trust with the reader than, say, an advertisement.

But if you want to appeal to a global audience? Then how do you make sure that by sending out a press release you reach as many people as possible? Of course, you can write a press release in English and send it to journalists. However, many media outlets will appreciate it if a news release is delivered in their own language. It turns out that if you put several news items below each other, an article in the native language is often read first.

Translating a press release
If you want to promote a new website, app or company it can be very useful to translate your press release. Media from other countries are more likely to pick up your article than a generally written article in English.

With Amaxwire you can easily create your own press release, and you can set the language of your message. When you then send your article, it will automatically be sent to various affiliated news outlets. If you send a news release in German it will automatically be posted on one of our German language news websites. So sending your press releases in different languages is good for your online branding and if you include links it is also good for your SEO.

If you don't speak your chosen language we, or an affiliated translation agency, can help.

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