Send your own press release to journalists and influencers?

Paul Knight 11 Aug. 2022, 12:34
Send your own press release to journalists and influencers?

You want to send out a press release to journalists, influencers and bloggers to get your new product or website known. But where do you start? In this article we'll try to inform you as much as possible about the world of press releases and how you can become better known online. 

A press release, isn't that old-fashioned?

Sending out a press release may seem old-fashioned. But nothing could be further from the truth. Nowadays it is much more than sending a message to a journalist of a newspaper with the hope that they pick up the article. With a press release you send a message indeed to journalists, but also to bloggers, vloggers etc. These will be informed by your press release about your new products, services or website.

Moreover, in messages you send through Amaxwire you can also easily place a link to your website. And because press releases via Amaxwire are automatically placed on our own network, you immediately have several links to your website.

When should I send out a press release?

We get a lot of questions from new companies that want to increase their (online) brand awareness. One of the questions is about what and when they should send out a press release.

In general, you can send a press release about almost anything, for example about your new product, a new website, a new colleague but also about your opinion on a certain subject. You will probably not get the TV or national news but for your online branding this is ideal.

If you do want to make it to the media, then you also need to pay attention to the time of sending. If you send it at the end of the afternoon, the newsrooms will often already be closed. As a result, it will only be read the next day, and chances are there will be many messages to sift through. It has been proven that Mondays and Tuesdays are the best days to send out a press release. The likelihood of publication is reduced if you send a release at the end of the week.

Basic tips for sending out a press release:

  • Make sure you are writing about real news
  • Make the press release personal (and dynamic)
  • Address the questions: What, When, Where, Who and Why?
  • Do not send it at the end of the week

Simple to send a press release nationally and internationally

By using Amaxwire you can quickly and easily send press releases to national and international media. With our modern press release distribution platform you can easily send your press release to global media, journalists and influencers for just one fixed low price

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