Simple but effective SEO tips for your press releases

Paul Knight 10 Aug. 2022, 13:19
Simple but effective SEO tips for your press releases

Sending out a press release is an interesting option for your SEO strategy. With a press release you can make your website more findable for visitors and search engines. Look for the words that people search with in the search engines and place these intentionally in your press releases. By doing this you create a page that people search for and as a result you get higher in the search results.

With this blog post we want to make clear how you can use a press release as an SEO tool, and how you can best optimize it.

Use keywords in your press release

If you know what people type into search engines, you can intentionally apply these words in your press release. Using services like the Google Keyword Tool and Übersuggest, you can quickly find out commonly used keyword(s) combinations. It's best to write a separate press release for each relevant search term. Put the words in the title, introduction, subheads and incorporate them into the links to your websites.

Many marketers find that SEO limits their creativity, but we always recommend doing the SEO afterwards. First, write a good press release based on the keywords and then optimize it so that a search engine can do more with it and index it properly. If a search engine can properly index your press release it will automatically attract readers, and consequently send visitors to your website.

Place a link in your press release

A press release is a perfect way to make your website rank higher in Google. You can do this by including links to your website in the press release. Links are incredibly important for search engine optimization. Because there are many competing pages that qualify for a place at the top of the search results, the number of links on other websites to your website counts heavily. If many related websites link to your site, you seem to be important, so Google rewards this with better search results.

If you send a press release through Amaxwire you can easily place links to your website in it. Your press release will then be sent to other websites, so you immediately get links to your website.
We recommend not to put more than 3 links in your press release because otherwise it could be seen as spam. In that case a search engine will not give your press release any value.

Put keywords in links
Don't just use a link to your website like 'click here for our website' but use a keyword in your link. For example, if you are a construction company in Atlanta, you can create a link text like: 'construction company Atlanta GA'. Even before a search engine follows the link it will understand what the destination page is about and it will also be 100% optimized for these words.

Send out a press release regularly

Journalists receive hundreds of press releases every day. They will not cover all of these. Of course, if you send out a release regularly, the chances of it getting into their media are a lot higher. 
In addition, you are published in Amaxwire's own news network automatically more often.

Press release clusters
People search in search engines in their own words and these are usually close to each other. You can choose one of these combinations and write a press release about it, but you can also create press release clusters.
Write several press releases based on the keywords and place links to articles on your website. If possible, use the same keywords in the linked text as described above. You give search engines signals that you are the specialist in the field of this keyword in all its variants.


A press release can be a useful tool to improve your search engine results. You should of course follow some guidelines, but by publishing a press release you will soon notice that you will be better findable, which brings more visitors and will increase your income.

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