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With our API you can easily use our services through your own website or application. Would you like to use our automatic news forwarding service for example? Or would you like to send a press release from your own website CMS to our platform? This is all possible with our APIs.

Connect your news website to our API and we will automatically take care of showing your website the latest news via Amaxwire.



RSS news feed

If you prefer to use an rss feed to put the latest news on your website or blog, you can use our rss feeds.

You can choose whether you want to pick up all the news, or rather only from a certain category like for example Tech or Blockchain.

How to start using our news feed?

Go to the appropriate newsroom, choose a category if you like and click on 'rss' for a link to the relevant rss feed.

We also have a feed with an overview of our current categories, so you can match it to your own website.


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