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We understand that you have questions about Amaxwire, our apps and our press release service. On this page we will try to answer the most frequently asked questions.

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What is a press release?

A press release is one of the most widely used means for organizations to approach the media. With a press release you seek publicity for a project, message or product. A news item, project or message often gets momentum when you are also visible on larger platforms. Therefore, sending a press release to the editors of platforms relevant to you is the important first step towards more publicity!

What are the costs of publishing a press release?

This depends on the amount of press releases you want to send. If you want to publish just one press release, you can do so for $ 39,50 USD for one message. If you want to send out multiple press releases, you can do so with a "Corporate plan" starting at only $ 13,27 per release.

Who and what is Amaxwire?

Amaxwire Press Support & News Services is an online service that helps you reach the media by letting you send press releases and images to national and international journalists, influencers, social media and various websites at the click of a button.

Our press and news platform gives you all the tools you need to get media attention. Create a press release online, upload your images and send your press release with the click of a button. No experience writing press releases? Then leave it to one of our experts!

How do I publish a press release on Amaxwire?

After you choose a package, you can immediately create a press release in your dashboard area. You can include up to 20 high resolution photos with your press release. After you have checked your message for potential errors, you can publish it by clicking the "Submit release" button, this will send your message to our editors who will publish your message on our network after approval.

Can I change a press release after I have submitted it?

You can edit your posts until our editors have approved them and placed them online. So as long as your press release does not have a 'published' status yet, you can edit it. After this you can only delete them, but it may be that they are already on third party websites over which we have no control.

Can I include links in my press release?

Yes, of course this is not a problem. In the press release form, you can easily add anchor text links to your post. You can also add an additional link in your press release with more information. However, we recommend using only 3 links for best SEO.

Can I include (HD) images/photos in my press release?

You can add free photos and images to your pr or news release. A picture is worth a thousand words, which is why we only encourage adding photos to your press release.

Does Amaxwire accept cryptocurrency and blockchain related press releases?

Amaxwire strongly believes in decentralized technical solutions. If you have, or work for a blockchain / cryptocurrency company, startup or have a blockchain related idea, and would like to issue a press release about it, you are welcome at Amaxwire. However, your message must comply with our editorial guidelines.

What is My Newsroom?

With an account with Amaxwire, you get a newsroom for free. This is a page on our website where you can put all kinds of information about your company like location, company description, logo, opening hours, links, social media etc etc.

The press releases you send through uw, will automatically be added to your newsroom so journalists and visitors can easily find your news.

If desired, you can disable your company newsroom in your Amaxwire dashboard.

Where can Amaxwire be used for?

Amaxwire can be used to get noticed online, we over several services:

  • Send a press release directly
  • Increase your online brand awareness
  • Create your newsroom
  • You can have us write your press releases

More information can be found here.

How soon after I submit my press release will it be sent out?

After our editor reviews and approves your press release, we put it online and send it out immediately unless you have a specific time scheduled.

Will this service from Amaxwire help my SEO ranking?

Amaxwire is a source of quality links, all material posted on Amaxwire is checked by one of our editors. Once your item is approved it will appear permanently on our website, our own news websites and we will forward it to third parties.  You can post links to your own media.

In addition, you can create a company profile in your newsroom where you can post information about your company or service.

 You get additional benefits just by issuing a press release through Amaxwire. You can increase your:

  • Search engine position
  • Brand awareness and visibility
  • Online presence
Will my article appear in the newspaper, media, on the radio or TV?

Journalists, influencers and media outlets receive dozens to hundreds of news and PR messages from companies every day. Of those many messages, some are picked up, and are then published. This depends on the quality of the message, if it fits their media and if it is really news to them at that moment.

Amaxwire has several websites, where your article is guaranteed to be published. So we can't guarantee that journalists will pick it up, but we do guarantee that it will be posted on our own network, including your backlinks.

Do you offer APIs?

Yes, with our API you can easily use our services through your own website or application. Would you like to use our automatic news forwarding service for example? Or would you like to send a press release from your own website CMS to our platform?

If you prefer to use an rss feed to put the latest news on your website or blog, you can use our rss feeds.

Do you offer an affiliate program?

Yes we have developed an affiliate program for our token sale. Earning money with our partner program is incredibly easy, you only need to register once and then you can start right away. The easiest way is to send visitors directly to our website, for example through your Youtube channel, Instagram account or website.

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