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As a journalist, you receive a lot of irrelevant press releases. You want to do something about that. That's why we want you, as a journalist, to receive only the press releases that are of real use to you. With a few simple steps you can make sure that you only receive press releases that are in line with your field of expertise. You can also indicate what kind of press releases you don't want to receive. In this way we hope to make your job a little easier.

Press release overview and search engine

We fully understand that you do not want to receive press releases via email. Hundreds of messages a day are not easy to get through, and it is certainly not easy to keep an eye on them. With Amaxwire you can receive only the headlines of subjects you are interested in once or twice a day. And if you don't want to receive any emails at all, you can use our free newsroom where you can find all press releases and can easily search by subject, location and category.

Amaxwire press release service for journalists

  • Decide which, when and how you want to receive press releases
  • Indicate which you absolutely do not want to receive
  • Press releases on Amaxwire are pre-checked by our team
  • Press release overview and search engine
  • 100% free in your inbox or website with our API
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