Outway Performance Socks Make the Perfect Gift for Holiday Shopping

Release date Nov. 25, 2022, 06:10 am EDT
Victoria, Canada
Outway Performance Socks Make the Perfect Gift for Holiday Shopping
Unlock the joy of the holiday season with up to 50% off on the world’s most comfortable, stylish, and versatile performance socks from Outway. (CNW Group/Outway Ltd.)

The holiday shopping frenzy has already started gripping the world and Outway has joined the bandwagon with its exciting collection of athletic socks. This rapidly growing athleisure brand is looking to make this holiday shopping season a memorable one for individuals with an active lifestyle, offering up to 50% off on its impressive range of performance socks.

Outway has already carved its niche in the thriving athleisure industry by changing its perception about socks. There was a time not so long ago, when socks were not considered to be as exciting as a gift compared to yoga pants or fresh gym shoes. Outway believes that this sentiment was primarily because most of the socks back then were boring, uninspiring and uncomfortable. They have addressed this problem by creating a range of socks that have been recommended by many users as the world's most comfortable, stylish and versatile socks ever.

Outway was founded in 2016 by ex pro cyclist Rob Fraser to transform the underserved market for socks. The company currently offers 80+ original sock designs in ankle, mid, crew and over calf compression, ensuring availability of the perfect pair for every shopper. Outway socks are undoubtedly the best possible holiday gift for people that love to workout, run, hike or bike.

"This holiday season is extra special for all of us because it has arrived after two years of lockdown around the world. This is the time to show our love for our dear ones by gifting things they love. However, it's often hard to find something that checks all the boxes. We're making it easier than ever to maintain an active lifestyle with amazing deals over the next couple of months. Our socks are stylish, fun and of course highly useful for day to day use - no matter what you do. Our products are multi use, unisex, and the best gift ever, even if it's for yourself," said Outway founder Rob Fraser.

To make the most of the holiday shopping deals from Outway, please visit https://outway.com/

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