El Salvador hosts Adopting Bitcoin conference as nation promotes financial freedom

El Salvador hosts Adopting Bitcoin conference as nation promotes financial freedom

Release date Sep. 28, 2022, 07:20 am EST
San Salvador, El Salvador

El Salvador, the first sovereign nation to make bitcoin legal tender, will host Adopting Bitcoin, a conference promoting Bitcoin adoption in the context of creating a freer and more equitable financial system.

The conference, which takes place in San Salvador and Bitcoin Beach from November 15-17, brings together the bitcoin ecosystem for collaboration, networking and learning.

The event is organized by Galoy Inc., whose bitcoin banking platform powers Bitcoin Beach Wallet in El Salvador. "Nobody expected a sovereign nation to adopt bitcoin as legal tender in 2021," said Nicolas Burtey, CEO of Galoy. "The move has changed public perception about both the country and the currency. El Salvador is now making strides to become the Singapore of Central America and a beacon for financial inclusion, while bitcoin is proving itself as an excellent medium of exchange that can facilitate millions of daily transactions."

Bitfinex, the state of the art digital token trading platform, is the headline sponsor of the event. The exchange, which has the deepest Bitcoin liquidity, has a vision to extend financial freedom to communities, societies and countries across the world. Bitfinex is working closely with the El Salvador government to provide the financial technology platform for the issuance and trading of the proposed Volcano Token.

"Bitfinex is proud to be a technology and exchange partner for the Salvadoran people in their historic journey towards financial freedom and to be a sponsor of educational initiatives aimed at increasing financial and technological literacy," said Paolo Ardoino, CTO at Bitfinex.

The first two days of the event will take place at the Crowne Plaza convention center in San Salvador. More than 110 speakers from over 30 different countries will share the latest developments from the whole spectrum of bitcoin disciplines, relating to both technology and the economy. A highlight of the technology and development focused track will be the presentation of bitcoin core developer Jon Atack, while the economics focused track's most prominent name is Mexican senator Indira Kempis. The multi-track event will be conducted in English with real-time translations in Spanish for the main stages.

Day three of the event will take attendees on a field trip to Bitcoin Beach, El Zonte, where the country's bitcoin adoption originated. Mike Peterson, Director of Bitcoin Beach, noted: "After less than one year, we are seeing one in five people use bitcoin daily. Now delegations of representatives, bankers and technologists from all corners of the world are coming to El Salvador to learn how bitcoin can be used as a tool for financial inclusion."

The non-profit event can be accessed by Salvadorans at a preferential price of $21 dollars.

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