How to write a press release in 2024 that will generate media attention

The Internet seems almost like the perfect opportunity to tell the world about your business, website or event. After all, you can post online without too much cost, or sometimes completely free. However, the reality is that Google and Bing dominate the online searches. If you are not listed on the first two pages of these search engines, it is unlikely that your text will ever be read by anyone.

But what if you are not listed on the first pages? Then you can still generate awareness, one of the tools to quickly gain attention is to send a press release. A press release is forwarded to key journalists, influencers and media outlets. And not unimportantly, Amaxwire itself has a network of websites where the posted press releases are automatically placed. This is again good for your SEO because you can of course link to your own website.

A press release should only be issued when your company or organization has news, for example an upcoming event, the opening of a new website or app, or the launch of a new product. These are good reasons to issue a press release.

How and when to send out your press release

Your press release can be sent by email, and we always recommend sending a press release with photos. If you send the press release via email, paste it into the email itself, and do not include it as an attachment. Some organizations block attachments, but more importantly, when someone opens an email they will see the photos first, and a picture says more than a thousand words.

The time of sending is important, but it doesn't provide any assurance of being picked up. For example, if you send it first thing in the morning, editors may still be processing the previous evening's messages. If you do it too late, the editors may already be closed. Therefore, research the deadlines of the various media outlets you are most interested in.

writing a press release is not easy

The content of your press release

Try to keep the content of your press release to one page. Before you send it out, read it over again to make sure the spelling and grammar are perfect. A press release with spelling errors and poor punctuation will most likely end up in the trash right away. In press release, choose a clear, easy-to-read font, such as Helvetica or Times, and use a font size no smaller than 11 point.

Always write your press release as if it were a news story, and write in third person. Journalists prefer this, and it means less work for them, which means your press release is more likely to be placed.

A press release should contain all essential information in a short (ideally 300-400 words, max. 500 words), clear and professional manner. Keep paragraphs small with only a few sentences in each, and address the questions: What, When, Where, Who and Why?

Remember that while a press release is a form of free advertising, there is no guarantee that it will be used, and you have no editorial control over how your chosen media will use your press release.

Photos with your press release Post a link to the location with the photos in high resolution, the photos you send in the mail should be small, preferably smaller than 2 megabytes, but in a sufficient quality.

Simple basic guidelines for layout and content

Place your contact information in the first part of your message on the left side; and include the sender's name, company name, phone number, cell phone number and email address. Include that your message is for "For immediate publication."

Then place the headline below the above, which should be in bold capital letters and no more than six words long. Keep it catchy and straight to the point. It should show the reader exactly what your press release is about. Directly below that is the dateline, which should include the name of your city/town and state, followed by the press release's due date.

The text of the press release should be typed, double spaced, and written in the third person. Short sentences are preferred, without the addition of expensive words and exclamation points. NEVER use "I" or "we" unless it is part of a quote. The first paragraph should be about 100 words and give the reader all the facts, as this may be the only part of your press release that gets read. Tell them WHAT you are announcing, WHEN and WHERE it will happen, WHO you are, and WHY the event is taking place.

Follow this up with three or four paragraphs that expand on the details of the introduction. Be sure to put the details in descending order of importance, in case your press release is cut short. It is effective to include a quote in the third or fourth paragraph, it adds a human touch. Use punctuation around the quote, and correctly indicate the connection.

Closing the press release

The very last paragraph of a press release is known as a "boilerplate. This section gives the reader a few sentences about your company and the product or service. Include the URL of your website and, if possible, a link to similar articles you have previously published. 

Add a few lines that give the reader a chance to find more information or contact you. As an example: For more information about this story, or to make an appointment with (sender's name), please contact (contact's name) at (contact's phone number) or email (contact's email address). Include your company's address and website URL at the bottom of each press release.

Finally, and most importantly, check your press release before you send it out. Read it through several times and ask someone else to read it through, just in case you miss a mistake. A press release with many grammatical errors can make you and your company look unprofessional.


Please have a look at our blog for more tips, or our try our AI press release generator if you're struggling with inspiration for your press release





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